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Pure Ingredients

Salt from the Ocean

Purified Water from the Mountains

Sustainable Electricity from the Sun

A truly Natural, Safe & Powerful Cleaner


HOCL is Ecological: it dissolves to water and salt, that is it!

HOCL eliminates by oxidation, it directly takes the electrons from viruses and bacteria.

HOCL is non-toxic & cleans prep surfaces, workstations and even food.

It saves time & labor costs in your daily cleaning proceedures.


Hypochlorous Acid

HOCL is one of Nature’s most powerful antimicrobials



  • HOCL is in your body:  It is your immune systems first line of defense.

  • HOCL was widely used for wound treatment during WWI, and still is today.  

  • HOCL has shown to reduce inflammation and enable healing.

  • HOCL is alcohol-free.

  • HOCL is non toxic to humans.

Giving Back is a Cornerstone of Our Founding Culture

5% of manufactured HypoClean is gifted directly to the most vulnerable communities.

Built into the foundation of our financial projections.

Our initial focus is on providing clean and safe products to:

  • Local Food Banks
  • First Nations Native American Organizations